November 18, 2020
Amprop Wins The NEA Award 2020 Silver (Category 2 – Renewable Energy)

Amprop Wins The NEA Award 2020 Silver (Category 2 – Renewable Energy)

Petaling Jaya, 18 November 2020, Amcorp Properties Berhad (Amprop) won the National Energy Award (NEA) 2020 Silver (Category 2 – Renewable Energy). The announcement was made by YB Dato’ Dr. Shamsul Anuar bin Hj Nasarah, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. NEA recognizes outstanding achievements and best practices in driving the country’s sustainable energy sector. Winners of Category 1 and 2 will be representing Malaysia at the ASEAN Energy Awards (AEA) 2020.

Amprop’s 2 x 10MW Hydro Power Plant commenced operation in end 2018. The hydro plant is located in Batu Talam, Forest Reserve in Raub, Pahang. The electricity generated from the power plant is sold to the national utility company, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) under a Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement (REPPA).

Amcorp Lower Liang 10MW Mini Hydro Power Plant
located in Raub, Pahang
Water discharge from Lower Power House

Amprop has been pioneering and participating actively in Renewable Energy sector as hydro power and solar power project developer since 2009. In 2019, Amprop won the NEA Merit Award (Category 2 – National Grid) for its 6MW Mini Hydro Power Plant after upgrading from 4MW. Earlier, the 4MW Power Plant won the 2012 ASEAN Energy Award and 2013 Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia’s Silver Award of Merit.

Amprop’s mini hydro power plants help curb the nation’s dependency on costly imported fossil fuels by utilizing water, a free, feasible and indigenous asset to generate renewable energy. Since commencement of operations, the mini hydro power plants have performed reliably with minimum unscheduled breakdown. Regular inspection of relevant components at the plants and strict preventive maintenance regime implemented on a daily, weekly and monthly basis are steps diligently taken by Amprop to ensure the natural conditions surrounding the plant is safeguarded.

Amprop is constantly incorporating improvement programs into its operation philosophy in its bid to upgrade the country’s green energy efforts. New strategies have created positive outcomes in expanding yields and lessening cost.
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