January 14, 2020
Borneo Post Online : Unique angpow design a big hit with Sibu folk
Unique angpow design a big hit with Sibu folk


Amcorp SibuJaya is giving away these beautifully-designed angpow packets for free, but every handout is limited to 50 pieces.

SIBU: The ‘angpows’ are regarded by many Sarawakians as one of the most identifiable elements of the Chinese New Year.
The senior members of a household would fill these paper packets, usually red in colour, with cash and give them away to the young ones, including the young bachelors and bachelorettes; and sometimes, to the elderly folk.

Over the years, angpows have become commercialised, with those from the corporate sector such as the banks and the retail groups beginning to produce their own distinctively-designed ‘red packets’ for the occasion.

Some of these angpows have become collectors’ items due to their uniqueness.

Amcorp SibuJaya is no exception – for the 2020 Lunar New Year, it highlights peace and harmony for its latest angpow packet design.

Ho shows the angpow packet that depicts the ‘three elderly men’.

Obert Ho, a consultant with FCH Quantity Surveyors, absolutely adores these angpows.

“At first, I was surprised by the angpow packet’s depiction of three elderly men.

“Upon taking a closer look, however, I realise that they seemingly show a Chinese man, a Dayak man and a Malay man, sitting and having coffee together.

“Upon reading the Chinese couplets also, it dawns upon me that the angpow design is meant to highlight the priceless nature of peace, and that a harmonious existence should be the basis of our daily lives,” he said.

Meanwhile Charles Wong, a mechanical and electrical engineering consultant, said he was taken in by the usage of coffee on the angpow design.

“It shows that even the three men depicted are from different races and possibly with different preferences, they can still sit together and enjoy each other’s company.

“It is actually a departure from the usually popular red-and-gold designs.

Wong believes every angpow packet design holds a deeper meaning.

“But I believe the meaning behind the ‘three-elderly-men’ design runs deep – it is timely for us to take stock of just how important peace and harmony are to everyone,” he said.

For local contractor Chew Toh Ing, who also runs a food court in SibuJaya, he was all thumbs-up for Amcorp SibuJaya’s angpow design.

“It is an every-day depiction of life in SibuJaya and Sarawak – people from different races sit together and order all sorts of drinks.

“Even if they had ordered coffee, some might like it black, others would want it with condensed or fresh milk. It doesn’t matter what they drink – as long as they can sit together, they’re happy.”

When interviewed, a group of youths from SibuJaya giggled as one of them had cheekily said that what was more important was ‘the content of the angpow’.

Jokes aside, these youths represented the angpow message – people from all races coming together.

“For us, any celebration in SibuJaya is actually everyone’s celebration. It’s just that during Chinese New Year, our Chinese friends are much busies, as they’re the ones preparing, and we get to enjoy it,” said Rebecca Rabiah, 25, who was among the young lot.

Chew Toh Ing

Meanwhile, those wishing to get their hands over these angpow packets can drop by at Amcorp SibuJaya’s office at any time during regular working hours throughout the week – including weekends.

The angpow packets are free, but each person is limited to only 50 pieces, while stock lasts.

For more details, call 084-235 888.

Rebecca (right) highlights that in Sarawak, any festive celebration is not exclusive to a single race – everyone would celebrate it together.
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