September 07, 2019
New Sarawak Tribune Online : Visitors praise Sarawak’s friendly people
Visitors praise Sarawak’s friendly people

SIBU: Sarawak’s warmth and its friendly people make the State easy to fall in love with. Amcorp Properties Berhad’s chief operating officer Azlan Baqee said his personal affection for Sarawak grew from the time he became involved in the SibuJaya Township more than a decade ago.

“When I first came to Sarawak, I noticed that the people here were genuinely friendly and welcoming in nature. Somehow they are not judgmental or divisive and I find this extremely appealing,” he said.

Azlan who was in town recently for the SibuJaya Fun 5 Fiesta said whenever there was a trip to Sarawak, he would actually look forward to it.

Azlan’s sentiments were shared by some 50 Amcorp staff who flew in for a two-day event during the National Day weekend.

David Chia, an IT manager who has been to Sibu once, said he was deeply touched by the people’s kindness and simple affection for each other.  Amcorp Properties senior executive for project, Tony Lim, who is based at the high-end Kayangan Heights property, said he was overwhelmed by the easy nature in which the people mingle with each other.

ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS…Hearing and speech impaired Venugopal KK signs language his feelings for Sarawak.

NO STRANGER TO SARAWAK…Md Fadzil says falling in love with Sarawak is easy as everyone treats him like a family member here. 

FEELS LIKE HOME… Azlan (left) shares a joke with Datuk Jason Tai during the launch of the SibuJaya Fun 5 Fiesta.

“Everywhere I look, I can see people from different races and religions, sitting together, sharing table, sharing food, sharing laughter. It makes you happy to see that we are all truly one nation and one people,” he added.

Md. Fadzil Dolah, who is no stranger to Sibu, said Sarawak was a very alluring place.

“From my first trip in 2016 to my latest trip, I know one thing to be true of Sarawak. The people are sincere and warm hearted,” he said.

Two other Amcorp staff with special needs caught the attention of everyone with their testimonies when they pointed out that while the fun and warmth of Sarawak was obvious to their colleagues, the two of them sensed and felt the warmth of the people here in their own special ways. Nor Ashikin, who is visually impaired, said while she could not see, she however could feel.

Venugopal a/l Krishnan Kumar’s hearing impairment did not stop him from having a good time and enjoying the Sarawak brand of hospitality.

Using sign language, the human resource assistant signed that he was eagerly looking forward to visiting Sarawak for the very first time, when the trip was being organised.

Participating in a water fiesta and then joining in the games at the fire fiesta, Venugopal KK cuts a larger than life figure when he signed-language his way through.  Using easy to understand gestures, Venugopal KK interacted in his own special ways with the locals at the events. 
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