September 02, 2019
New Sarawak Tribune Online : Water fest soaks them up
Water fest soaks them up

By Florence Genta

SIBU: The second and final day of Amcorp SibuJaya’s (formerly known as Distrepark Sdn Bhd) Fun 5 Fiesta proved to be just as exciting with the Water Fiesta taking centre stage.

With the sun blazing overhead, a group of enthusiastic kids followed by teenagers and adults made a beeline for the event site and began soaking each other with water pistols, scoops, beach buckets and all forms of apparatus that could hold or eject water.

Like the first day which saw some 3,000 people enjoying themselves at SibuJaya’s Water Fiesta, the second day drew an equally impressive number of people.

Children’s squeals of joy were mixed with the adult’s guffaws as everyone ran, splashed and danced to pulsating music blaring from mega speakers.

Young Alicia was pleasantly surprised by her friends who presented her a birthday cake on Sept 1. The Jaya Angels and Jaya Wings youth continue to make their presence felt with their line dancing and exuberant nature.

SRDC deputy chairman Councillor Robert Lau, who was present on the first day, said he was swept along by the joyful laughter and was sprayed with water despite needing to catch a flight to the nation’s capital.

“I wasn’t prepared to be wet. I was invited to present prizes to the teenage dance off contest. But it’s hard to say no to so many fun and enthusiastic people when they wanted me to join them,” he said.

In the end, Lau still made it in time for his flight, albeit in a rather wet T-shirt.

YOUNG GUNS…Teenagers wage fun water battles with each other as torrents of water came crashing over them, courtesy of SibuJaya’s developer who had engaged several water trucks to provide fun and cool relief under the blazing sun.

DUNKING TIME…Some over enthusiastic youths took to dunking their buddies into tanks of ice-cold water amidst much laughter and good-natured ribbing.

FRIENDS FROM ACROSS THE SOUTH CHINA SEA…Some of the 50 Amcorp staff from Kuala Lumpur who flew in as a show of unity and support for their Sarawak counterpart.

Another event celebrating fire was launched by Amcorp Properties Berhad’s chief operating officer Azlan Baqee on Merdeka Eve.

While lighting the bonfire to loud cheers, he wished SibuJaya to prosper and all her residents a long and good life.

“We wish the best to all of you and may you all live long and prosper just as SibuJaya,” he said to the applause from the large crowd gathered at the empty field to witness the Fire Fiesta.

Performers from RAVE YMCA took the crowd by storm with a fiery display of skills in handling their fire props.

This year, local council SRDC also hosted its own Pesta SibuJaya simultaneously with Amcorp.

SRDC’s events, which lasted over two days from Aug 30, were Strongman and Strongwoman Contest, Big Bikers Motoday, Blowpipe Contest and a beauty pageant fully hosted by Embun Kiara.

The beauty pageant on Sept 8 will mark the end of the festivities, with SRDC Chairman Councillor Sempurai Petrus Ngelai slotted to officiate at the closing ceremony.

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