June 01, 2018
Borneo Post : Don’t steal roadside plants, warns SRDC
Don’t steal roadside plants, warns SRDC
Peter Boon,  l  June 1, 2018, Friday

            Lau (left) works out some landscaping solutions for Sibu Jaya residents with Distrepark assistant general manager Eddy Puah.

SIBU: Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) has warned of stern action to be taken against those stealing roadside plants in Sibu Jaya Township.

According to SRDC deputy chairman Robert Lau Hui Yew, the roadside trees and shrubs in public places belong to the council.

In view of the situation, however, SRDC has decided on a programme to make it easier for the people to acquire plants for free, without having to resort to stealing.

“For Sibu Jaya Township, I have spoken to Distrepark Sdn Bhd, the master developer of the township, to provide free saplings for residents.

“Hence, it’s ludicrous that you resort to stealing when you can get the plants for free,” he said in a press statement released on Wednesday.

Lau, on behalf of SRDC, commended Distrepark for going above and beyond what was expected of it to complement the council’s effort to landscape the streets in Sibu Jaya.

“For certain roads that have been handed over to the council, the developer has continued to provide additional landscaping support.

“Last weekend, I went to inspect the in-house nursery of Distrepark.  I noticed how passionate the developer was in creating a green suburbia in SibuJaya.”

It is learnt that 1,000 free saplings have been allocated for Sibu Jaya residents.

Lau said to obtain the saplings, the recipient must be a resident of the township and each could only get not more than two saplings.

“For those residing at corner units, they may ask the developer for more (saplings).

“I leave it to the developer to decide,” Lau said.

To collect the free saplings, residents can visit the developer’s office on Lot 1191 at Sibu Jaya Timur Road, or call 084 – 235888.

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