May 22, 2015
Amcorp Properties Berhad renders financial aid to Badan Kebajikan Thalassaemia Malaysia

Amcorp Properties Berhad renders financial aid to Badan Kebajikan Thalassaemia Malaysia
Written by : June Moh
Date: 22 May 2015                                                                                                                                                                                         

Amcorp Properties Berhad (“Amprop”) has once again contributed to the welfare of underprivileged Thalassaemia patients in Malaysia by offering cash donation amounting to RM15,000 to the 1 Malaysia Thalassaemia Welfare Campaign established by the Badan Kebajikan Thalassaemia Malaysia or Berkat. The cash donation will be used to help needy patients purchase equipment or medications required for their treatment.

Badan Kebajikan Thalassaemia Malaysia (“Berkat”) is a welfare and charitable organization established with the objectives to raise public awareness of the Thalassaemia disease and its alarming escalation of cases both in Malaysia and around the world, improve and enhance treatment and relief, promote / co-ordinate research in connection with Thalassaemia and most importantly, Berkat is committed to the overall betterment of lives of Thalassaemia patients in general. Currently, Berkat has recorded over 7,000 registered members, either carriers or sufferers, yet the numbers of the afflicted are consistently rising.

Thalassaemia is an inherited blood disorder characterized by less haemoglobin (the substance in red blood cells that carry oxygen to the body) and fewer red blood cells in the body of a Thalassaemia patient compared to that of a normal person. As a result of this faulty haemoglobin synthesis, major symptoms or threats of the disease include : 

Pale complexion, constant fatigue, lethargy due to lack of oxygen
Weak and deformed bones
Heart and other organs failure 
Finally, fatality due to one or all of the above mentioned reasons

Several types of thalassemia exist, including alpha-thalassemia, beta-thalassemia intermedia, Cooley's anaemia and Mediterranean anaemia. Treatment methods for the disease include blood transfusion, medicinal injection or ultimately, bone marrow transplant.

Based on current statistics from Berkat, there are over 14,000 Malaysians afflicted with the Thalassaemia disease and estimated treatment cost arising from blood transfusion done at least once or twice a  month, medicines and equipment usage, range in the region of well over RM11.2 million. Hence, the opportunity of these Thalassaemia patients carrying on with a normal life is slim mainly due to the limited financial resources, thus contributing to the disheartening increased criticality or fatality of these patients. 
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