March 02, 2017
By  Khadeeja Bt Iro Iswono 
2 March 2017 

As part of their training, young graduates in the Group are given assignments. The 7 young executives who comprise our Executive Development Programme (EDP) trainees and Amcorp Study Grant (ASG) graduates were given the opportunity to take two days off from work to volunteer their services at any charitable community establishment of their choice. The objective of the assignment was to enable the ASG/EDP team to give back to society and make an impact on the lives of those in need. 

Each of them were also tasked to produce a 5-minute video presentation detailing the charitable organization they selected, its nature of business, reason for selecting the organizations, the learning experience they gained from the assignment.

The video presentation was held on 2nd March 2017 at Amcorp Group Berhad (Amcorp)’s headquarters in Petaling Jaya. Mr Soo Kim Wai, Group Managing Director of Amcorp  and Encik Shahman Azman, Chairman of RCE Capital Berhad, were invited as panellists to review and assess the executives’ work. 

The first video presentation was by Syed Mohd Zahir Syed Ahmad Zaidi.

He visited Rumah Kebajikan Anak Yatim Al Khairiyah located in Batu 1 3/4, Sungai Pinang, Jalan Kapar, Selangor. It was founded in the 1950s and currently houses 50 orphans. 

Syed held a mini fundraiser amongst his close friends before embarking on his project and had collected RM600 within 2 days. With the funds, he bought some daily use items and gave the remaining cash to the orphanage. 

During his visit, Syed managed to help the children with their homework, played games with them and talked to them about their lives at the orphanage.

Syed felt that he could contribute the much needed help and care to the orphans. His takeaway from the assignment was the awareness that whilst most people are blessed with families, there are others who are not and therefore he wants to play his role in helping these kids grow up without any social stigma.
  syed pic
Boys from the Rumah Kebajikan
Yatim Al Khairiyah

Tay Chia Chang showed a video of him volunteering at PAWS Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in Subang Jaya. The objective of PAWS is to vaccinate, neuter, and put the abandoned animals up for adoption. 

The shelter has been in existence for 16 years, housing more than 500 cats and dogs and is entirely funded by donations from the public. 
The abandoned animals at PAWS are up for adoption

During his time there, he fed, bathed and walked dogs at the center.   

Tay chose PAWS because of his love for animals and his takeaway from the assignment was that animals, especially neglected animals, require love and attention just like human beings. Hence we must show our compassion towards animals as we do humans. 

Children from Great Heart Charity with their
school supplies during 
their shopping trip
  Yip Pui Chen joined 2 activities organized by a non-profit organization called Great Heart Charity from Kota Kemuning which was set up to help the less fortunate people in the area. 

The first activity was ‘Back to School’ shopping with children from orphanages to buy school supplies, mainly uniform, school bag and shoes. The second was groceries shopping with an underprivileged single parent family. 

Yip chose Great Heart because she wanted to help young children who are less fortunate. She learnt that giving was a very enriching experience and it is important to cultivate the habit of “giving back” to society.

Lim Yong Jian joined a camp organized by MES Learning Center in Penang to spring-clean two old folks’ homes, namely Charis Home & Grace Harmony Home. 

During the camp, Lim together with other volunteers cleaned the homes, served lunch, provided entertaining performances and also gave Christmas presents to the old folks. Prior to that, he also took part in a mini fundraising event at the morning market nearby to raise funds to buy the Christmas presents.

Lim has been volunteering at these camps by MES Learning Center annually for several years now. 

Lim cleaning fans installed at the Homes

He wanted to show love and respect to the elders as he felt that this was lacking in our society today. He said it really wasn’t that hard to make a difference in the elders’ lives, all it took was a little bit of time and kindness. 
Chi Mei Fen (last row, left) taking a snap shot with
the children from the Dignity for Children Foundation
  The fifth video was by Chi Mei Fen. She volunteered by teaching at Dignity for Children Foundation which is a non-profit organization established to provide free education to the children of refugees staying in Malaysia. The children came from all over the world including Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Somalia and Syria.

She taught children from ages 7 to 9 years old. 

On her first day at the Foundation, there was an unscheduled water disruption in one building so Chi had to help carry water from another building to be used by the children in the toilets of the building with no water supply. 

She was also assigned to take the height and weight measurements for the kids, and take their photos for administrative purposes.  On her second day, Chi took the kids to an outdoor football field for the kids’ exercise programme.

Chi chose Dignity because of her passion in education. She believes education changes lives.
Coincidentally, Yip Mun Yee also volunteered at PAWS in Subang Jaya. 

Just like Chia Chang, she loves dogs. She helped to wash the dogs’ feeding bowls, walked and groomed the dogs.

Yip said when we show love towards animals, they will reciprocate by giving us love and loyalty and that bond created between man and animal is one which is truly satisfying and will last a long time.

Khadeeja Binti Iro Iswono chose to help at Tuisyen Sayang located in PPR Kerinchi, Kuala Lumpur founded in 2014. Tuisyen Sayang offers free tuition to less fortunate children. 
Yip cutting nails for the dogs at PAWS

Khadeeja (center, white head scarf), tutoring
the children at Tuisyen Sayang
  She tutored primary school students in the Bahasa Malaysia subject. Other subjects taught at the center included Maths and English. 

“Although the kids came from poor families, they showed great potential and eagerness to learn, hence we must cherish every learning opportunity given to us and not take our blessings for granted” said Khadeeja.

The panellists selected Chi Mei Fen as the Best Presenter of the day based on the efficient and effective use of her talent and time for her volunteering assignment and also for her ability to present the cause with clarity in her video.

Mr Soo Kim Wai congratulated all the participants and noted that this assignment is an example of the all-rounded training and development Amcorp provides to its young trainees and graduates in the organization, as  well as an example of the various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that the Group engages in. 
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