Code Of Conduct For Business Partners
Code Of Conduct For Business Partners
Amcorp Properties Berhad and its subsidiaries (the Group) upholds the value of good corporate governance. Our goal is to develop relationships with Business Partners (including suppliers, service providers, strategic partners) that share similar value as us.

The purpose of this Code is to provide fundamental guiding principles to Business Partners on its conduct of business with the Group. These principles are the minimum standards that Amcorp expects all its Business Partners to comply with.
1 Compliance with all Laws & Regulations
Comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and guidance and directives issued by authorities.

2 Anti-Corruption / Bribes / Gifts
Business Partners should uphold the highest standards of business ethics, respect local laws and not engage in any form of corruption, bribery, fraud or facilitation payments. Amcorp’s policy for its employees is not to give or receive gifts. Amcorp employees will not seek to influence others or to be influenced by others by giving or receiving gifts and / or hospitality.

3 Conflict Of Interest
Business Partners should avoid conflicts of interests in dealings with the Group. Where a potential or actual conflict of interest arises, the Business Partner shall immediately notify Amcorp of the conflict.

4 Fair Competition
In support of fair competition, Business Partners are prohibited from engaging in anti-competitive behaviour.

5 Confidential Information
Business Partners may come into possession of confidential, sensitive and non-public information (Insider Information) in the course of their business with Amcorp. Business Partners must treat all such information in strictest of confidence. The obligation to preserve Amcorp’s Insider Information is on-going even after the Business Partner ceases to have dealings with Amcorp.

6 Insider Trading
Business Partners who possess Insider Information shall not deal in securities, or communicate such information to any unauthorized persons, for the benefit of themselves or any other persons.

7 Anti-Money Laundering
Amcorp does not tolerate any form of money laundering activities. Business Partners should promptly raise any suspicious transactions to Amcorp.

Any breach or concern related to the above should be immediately reported via the channels below :

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